Siren Platform™ 10.4   
Product Overview White Paper 

Embrace Investigative Intelligence and derive quantifiable value out of your data

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Siren Investigate: front-end application, where you can develop visualizations of your data. It allows editing of the data model, which in turn drives dashboards, search, and link analysis

Siren Alert:  The alerting and reporting component for operational notifications and information.

Security, industry-specific components & road-map:  Enterprise-grade security, scientific analysis, cybersecurity, and a preview into Siren 10.5

Siren Federate:  The back-end system. Siren Federate provides enhanced access to Elasticsearch data or it can connect and federate other back-end systems

“Siren is at the forefront of the next generation
solution ecosystem as compared to currently available commercial solutions"

Frank Badalamenti
Principal - Forensics, Financial Crimes Unit


Siren is the 

New paradigm in  
investigative intelligence

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